Life is so beautiful

Life is beautiful because it is a game. This idea makes life so exciting and wonderful because we are all players in a big battle groun...

Life is beautiful because it is a game. This idea makes life so exciting and wonderful because we are all players in a big battle ground. We all have different missions to fulfill but all of us have the same goal and that is to survive this big battle, this life. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose at first but what counts is how you play the game and what you gain in playing it. Because this game is far different from other games that we know because the moment that you finish it you are considered a champion, there is no winner and loser.

Life is beautiful because there are a lot of treasures to be found.  We are surrounded by treasures every day. All we have to is to appreciate all those because they are so rare.

Life is so beautiful than any other film or movie. Our life is so much better than any other film because we are the directors and actors. We are the ones who decide on how to make our lives worthy to be watch and remember. And what make it more beautiful is that our script writer and producer is none other than our Creator itself.

Life is so beautiful because of love. Love is everywhere. Love can be found in your home, school, church, community, and even within yourself.  We just have to wait for the right timing of the perfect kind of love because everything will happen in the right time and place. Let us spread loveJ

Life is so beautiful because we are not perfect. Being perfect is boring; being imperfect makes things exciting and interesting!  We should not aim for perfection; we just have to keep on improving every day.

Life is so beautiful because it is ironic.  It is the beauty of life, it may be complicated and so hard to read but who cares it is life.  Life may be so ironic but it gives excitement to each and every one of us. We just have to keep in mind that everything that happened, will happen and is happening has a purpose. What is the purpose? It for us to discover. That's life!

Life is so beautiful because we have God. God is our forever provider; light, guide, and everything we need to finish this game. We should always remember that we can get through every battle because we have the Creator of game by our side.   He is the most powerful one so nothing to worry, we just have to do our part and let Him do the rest.

Life is so beautiful because we will die only once. We will live over and over again because we are given enough time to make up with the wrong things we have done yesterday. But we should not waste our time because we will die only once and that is forever

Life is so beautiful! Let us all spend the most out of it. Let us all make our life worth living, telling and remembering.

Author’s note:

I would like to say thank you for all those who take time to read posts here in my blog. I hope that I inspire you to appreciate your life and make your life worth living. Good bye for now and God bless everyone J

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