Life is full of irony

Do you want to know how ironic life is? You have to be sad to be happy. They say that when you are feeling down you should be happy...

Do you want to know how ironic life is?

You have to be sad to be happy. They say that when you are feeling down you should be happy because something good will happen next. Do you think it is true? Or some people is just saying that because once you experience being sad, you will appreciate more the things around you and simple things will make you happy because you do not want to be sad anymore?

Do not be afraid to be sad because it is a part of life. It is healthy to feel sadness sometimes because surely happiness will follow. J

If you love someone or something, you will be hurt. Love is a sacrifice as what most people define. They always say that love is forever accompanied by being hurt. Do you want a proof? Let us make a throwback. Do you still remember when God gave His only begotten son ? And what is the main reason, because He loves you. You want more proofs? Do you still remember some of the hero’s names in your history subject? Those names that you have to memorize and keep in mind because they sacrifice their lives because they love their country and countrymen.  But sad to say most of us just keep them in mind because they are included in the exam. Let us go to more recent time. Do you remember your mother carrying you for nine months? Maybe you don’t but I know you know how much your mom suffered just to keep you alive for you to see how beautiful life is. Your mother gets hurt physically and may be emotionally in carrying you in her womb and that is all because she loves you so much.

So why most people choose to still love despite the fact that they will just get hurt? It is simply because love is an inevitable feeling and to love is the most wonderful thing to do.

You should experience being a failure so that you will be successful. There is no successful man/ woman who became successful in an instant. All of them once, twice or more fail, became a loser, criticized, fall on the ground, and lose hope but all of them always aimed to be a winner, view the positive side of life, get up, and work hard or even harder to be successful. 

Success is the product of multiple failures. You should always try twice more than your number of failures. There is no harm in trying as long as you are breathing and the sun is still shining, never ever give up! Remember that those who easily quit will never have the chance be a winner.

You have to surrender because you are brave. Those who continuously fight do not mean that they are brave. They are sometimes the coward ones because they are not brave enough to accept that they are just humans and they have their weakness. Surrendering is not always an act of being weak because it is sometimes a proof that you are brave enough to submit yourself to what you know is right and good for you and for others. Remember that a true brave person knows when to fight and when to stop and accept the fate.

Life is very complicated but being complicated makes it all exciting and makes life more beautiful.

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